Apostle residence high rise building project

Apostle residence is a luxury high rise building project

Design: 2018г. | TBA: 3500m2

Exquisite luxury, top location, comfort and functionality.

The building is inspired by the aristocratic spirit of the classical center Sofia city. An elegant stylish look with a pronounced luxury, harmoniously inscribed in the context of the environment is achieved.

The architecture of the building creates a feeling of high class and living comfort. The corner of the building is elegantly curved and dressed in avant-garde materials and framed by soft linear elements prominent in height.

The first contact with the interior of the lobby invites with coziness and sophistication and suggests the high living comfort offered by the designed homes.

Apartments: Two, maximum 3 apartments per floor. For the last floors – one each. Accessible foyer /lobby/ from the corner of the building. Municipal premises that offer more personal space to residents.

Maisonettes /penthouse/: Located on the top floors. The apartments after the 7th floor have access to landscaped roof gardens with a panoramic view of Vitosha.

Lobby: On the ground level, a common space is planned – presented in the attached project. Concierge, access control for outsiders, opportunity for business and informal meetings in the common space. Soft furniture for waiting and resting, natural materials, stone, granite. Interior natural landscaping – green wall. The goal is to achieve good visual, sound and light comfort in the lobby. The residential floors are accessible by elevator and stairwell with natural lighting.

Commercial objects: Built on the ground level with access from the boulevard and the street. A suitable purpose according to the class of the building is for a bank office or company representative office.

Offices: On the mezzanine floor. A separate entrance to the street with a separate staircase and elevator is planned.

Parking: 23-24 cars with the possibility of doubling with parking on two levels via lifting platforms. One or two cars per apartment. Available parking lots for the commercial establishments. The underground car park is accessed from the street via a hydraulic platform.

The building is not for sale at the time of publication of the project.

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