A-project Architects

Architects and engineers in a team with good experience to achieve quality, deadlines and optimal expense of investor resources

A-project are a team of architects, designing architecture and interior. Our extensive experience has been gained with the implementation of a wide range of projects – from urban planning to furniture design.

Our mission to meet the demand for functional, efficient, socially responsible and valued architecture with implementing analytical design methods.

Our approach is to think innovatively and find the right solutions with extensiveknowledge of legislation in the investment design process to properly fit in investors requirements and budgets.
The design process runs from initial sketches and analysis to full technical documentation and construction supervision. We work with several dedicated teams of engineers.

Leading architects

“Our mission as professionals is to create a better and sustainable environment”

2023 Зорница Нинова архитект

Zornitsa Ninova

architect / partner

The engine of the creative process in the studio.

2023 Александър Димов архитект

Alexander Dimov

architect / partner

His experience in the implementation of building projects and knowledge of the regulatory framework guarantee the successful performance of the team.

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