Three floor house project

Project for a three-story single-family residential building

Project: 2022 | TBA: 360m2 | Stage: Under construction

Project for a house with a veranda, a living area, a gym, four bedrooms and an office in Sofia.

The three-story house project is a modern interpretation of the classic Bulgarian house, providing all the comforts features for a large family.
The building takes into account the specific context of the environment. The plan scheme is strongly influenced by favorable sun orientation. The formation of three zones in the free yard space – entrance, parking and approach to the house; porch with private side space, front yard open to the street was a strong factor in determining the functional program.

The volume of the house provides a partial third level, designed one-dimensionally, which reveals a wonderful view of the landscaped yard from above and a panorama view to Vitosha mountain.

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