Three floor apartment building design

Three-story residential building in Detsky Grad district

Design: 2017-2018г. | Pancharevo, Sofia | In use

The location of the building is in the quiet and peaceful part of the foothills of Vitosha, near Pancharevsko Lake. The project for a small multi-family residential building provides a high quality of living in direct connection with the southern residential and business areas of Sofia. The residential building has a modern look, combined with classic elements that are minimalistically bound in one structure. The volumes are clean and covered with modern materials – natural facing stone, silicate plaster, composite boards with wood veneer. Plasters are tinted in two colors. The volumes in the background are finished with a decorative cornice. The railings of the terraces are made of wrought iron with a custom ornament.

The building has seven independent apartments. The terrain is heavily sloped with a one-story difference within the area of ​​the building. Due to this specificity, the residential building has two ground levels and two above-ground floors, one of which is roofed. The roof floor is designed with one large apartment with a spacious landscaped roof terrace. The apartments on the two ground floors have access to closed courtyard spaces for their own use. Thus the comfort of the inhabitants is increased. Indispensable in the urban environment, a feeling of direct connection with nature is maintained. Residents get a feeling of living in a house with its own yard. The apartments are richly glazed, especially on the southern facades of the building.

Parking is provided within the property, in close proximity to the entrance of the multi-family house. The yard is terraced and landscaped. A flat area is planned inside the plot, used by the residents for recreation and socialization.

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