Walltopia Collider Activity Center

Climbing walls center competition project – Walltopia Collider Activity Center, Sofia

Design team:

arch. Alexander Dimov
arch. Alexander Braynov
arch. Zornitsa Ninova

The plot for new Walltopia Collider Activity Center is situated at а territory intended for the “East Park” of Sofia.
Portion of land that can be built up is 10000 m2. Allowed step of the building, according to the Sofia Master Plan is 2000 m2. This area is not enough to design all functional units that should be associated with the terrain level. In this regard, our concept uses the opportunity to raise the ground level to 1.2 meters from the ground level, according to the design legislation standards in Bulgaria. At this level is the entrance to the building from the ground level and its relationship with the landscape.
We aim to develop the building volume to the northern side of the plot, thus opening to the south outdoor pool, without disconnecting the park and the building. The specific contour of the property and a detailed study of seasonal solar radiation, naturally lead to the shape of the building, which is proposed by our team.
On the other hand, the main activity to develop is climbing. Climbing is the STAGE, and all other areas are the vertical amphitheater. We can monitor all the time and from all levels this activity. Climbing hall is like a veil, which encompasses all other areas.

This veil is pierced at ground level, so we can walk through it from lobby out to the park. Or you can stay inside and watch from the bridge. The first we see is the info desk, the cafe and the lounge, and then we refer to the restaurant, children’s party center, or the winter garden. The restaurant has a separate entrance which enables its independency, together with the levels above it. It is directly related to the swimming pool and its deck.
In the lobby are designed two glazed panoramic lifts for “virtual climbing” with access to all levels with continuous views of the interior space. In general, the climbing wall can be seen from every room. The climbing is our “exterior”.
Information desk is allocated at the semi-basement level, where are the locker rooms and access to the climbing halls. The underground parking for 82 cars is developed here. Here is the car entrance of the building with subsequent foyer, lifts and stairs. The restaurant kitchen and all the technical and storage rooms are designed at this level.
This is the most important functional level. Here are the Climbing hall, the Boulders, the Funtopia. This semi-underground level is open to the park, through the climbing walls. The connection wit the outer level is smooth and unnoticed.
At the first floor are designed the SPA zone with a separate south terrace and the Multifunctional hall. The hall has a variable wall configuration. The lobby platform may be used to hold various events.
Fitness zone is on the second level. Together with the restaurant and the SPA below, the Roof bar this functional zones have a separate entrance and undependable access.
The majority of the administration, associated with the design and technical aspects, is allocated on this level. Management, legal and accounting departments are on the third level of the building. They have a private terrace facing south.
Administration has a separate card controlled entrance from the terrain through all levels which provides fast private access.
At the third level is designed also the Roof bar with panoramic views to the Park, the south and the Vitosha Mountain. The roof serves as a big terrace for the bar.

The winter garden that we propose in fact is not counted in the allowed built up area of the building . Thus its design is as a canopy with a construction which is a natural protrusion of the basic structure. This decision is coordinated with the current legislation. We gain 600m2 of covered space. It is possible to consider to partially close this volume with light folding facade panels to achieve a favorable environment for the Banyan tree.

The building structure is of mixed type of reinforced concrete and steel, which is necessary because of the larger span distances requested by the three climbing halls.
Transparent exterior walls are glass curtain walls, the solid are of thermo panels with the necessary glazing when needed.
The entire structure is enclosed with two types of thin perforated sheet, which gives an artificial illusion of folding the volumes which are otherwise flat surfaces.

Climbing wall that opens and closes? Why not? The most desirable place for it is in the middle of the stage. Our vision is for a rotating steel structure, which focuses the loads at one single point joint. It is so well balanced that we can turn it with one hand. We can make a party with climbing around the pool may have active competition climbing on outer walls and position the jury in the middle of the bridge. Generally we can configure as desired position and lock it at steps of 60°.

The Sofia city plan reguires providing at 2/3 of the area large vegetation types. Permitted building area is 0,06% for sites related to the functioning of the landscape. There is a possibility of construction of water facilities in the area of the park.

Semi-underground level 5655m2
Ground level 2005m2
First level 2005m2
Second level 1880m2
Third level 1060м2

BA overground 6950m2

TBA 12615m2

We worked on:

CONCEPT and 3D modelling;
DESIGN and preliminary plans;
PRESENTATION of the project.

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