Two floor house

Two-storey house in a village in the Sub-Balkans.

Project: 2014 | Phase: In use | TBA: 170m2

A project for a two-story country house executed for a family who will occupy this property during weekends and holidays to escape from the city life.

The single-family residential building is developed on two floors. The property is located in Sredna Gora and has a slight slope to the south and is bordered by two streets – from the south and from the north. The view is to the picturesque mountains. The entrance is planned at the north facade. A parking space for the family car is designed to the south. Access to the building is via a picturesque landscaped path with stairs that overcome the slope of the terrain. The terrain of the plot is modeled in such a way as to develop as large as possible flat area in front of the house and to keep the car below eye level.

The house has larger area on the ground floor. A guest bedroom is designed on the ground floor. The livingroom area is planned as an open space. A large fireplace divides the room into two – a living room and a kitchen with a dining room, open with French windows to the south to a wide veranda, completely covered with a pitched roof with a minimal slope. The porch provides a wonderful opportunity for the family to gather outdoors during the summer season.

The second floor is accessed by a wide three-armed staircase, lit by a tall window on the northern facade of the house. Two bedrooms are designed on this level. The master bedroom has access to a large south facing roofed terrace. The children’s bedroom has a large French window and a wonderful view in front of one of the trees in the property.

All the necessary sanitary facilities have been designed according to the needs of the residents.

The architectural design of this two-story house project is influenced by traditional Bulgarian architecture. The house is designed in a conservative style with natural facing materials – stone and wood. The elements on the facade are in a modern style, which sparingly complements the image of a traditional village house.

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