Retail Park Chirpan

Retail Park Chirpan

Project: 2022 | TBA: 5000m2 | In construction

The concept for Retail Park Chirpan brings together Billa, KiK, Jysk и Lilly Drogerie trademarks

The project is a concept for the first commercial park in the city and the region with investor Novotechprom. It is located on vacant land on Georgi Dimitrov Blvd. and Petar Genov St. The construction of the building is mixed – reinforced concrete rotating elements and a steel roof structure. The support distances are large to form wide commercial spaces in the interior. The facade is designed with large glazing to ensure good visibility to the shopping chains. Advertising branding and clear marking of the individual entrances to the stores is planned, which ensures good visual communication and orientation of the customer flow.

With a symbolic first sod, the construction of a retail park in Chirpan begins

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