Multi-family residential building design

multi family residential building design – Zone B-18, Sofia

Multi-family residential building design

The building is located in Zone B18, 130 Pirotska Str., Sofia. It is designed with two underground floors with garage cells, in the basement and the first floor are located shops and offices and there are 36 apartments in the upper floors.
The building is executed in compliance with all valid national standards and regulations. Materials used in the construction are with higher quality than the commonly used materials in the country.
During the construction works else than the obligatory we have done additional independent control of the quality of used materials, especially regarding the concrete mixtures.
Before the execution of underground floors we cast diaphragm walls, which after that remain as part of the main structure and are giving additional earthquake stability. The foundations are reliably hydro-insulated according to complex methodology which is minimizing the risk of defects. Into the diaphragm walls according to our own estimation we cast concrete with higher than the designed strength and water-proofing class Bb 0,8 (it is equal to pressure caused by approximately 80m water column). Construction joints are insulated with a polyurethane mixture injected under pressure – insulation used rarely in Bulgaria due to its high price. As an additional measure we have hydro-insulated the vertical surfaces with seamless elastic hydro-insulation and sealed it with Gunite Crete. Between the lean concrete (also with water-proofing class Bb 0,8) and the foundation cement-based hydro-insulation was applied.
Masonry is executed with WIENERBERGER’s POROTHERM bricks (detailed information can be found at The bricks are with excellent thermo and sound insulation properties and better strength compared with the rest of the brands available on the market.
Façade thermo insulation and decorative plaster are executed in compliance of the integrated thermo-insulation system of BAUMIT. All the producer’s requirements for preservation & storage of materials and installation were strictly respected. Accordingly the guarantee period is 10 years, the maximal provided by the law (ЗУТ or “Law on Territory Planning”) for thermo-insulations. Our choice for execution of the thermo-insulations was not glass wool even that has better insulation properties because it is proved that is cancerogenic.
Roof thermo-insulation is FIBRAN, hydro-insulation is executed with three layers of bituminous membrane.
For the interior finishing works same as for the structural works our aim was to use higher class materials with proven quality and good design.
Interior gypsum plasters are executed with materials from KNAUF, lime-cement plasters – with materials from BAUMIT. Both are done with machine application. No additives were used In the screed mortars and the plasters. Thus providing a better inner micro climate.
Windows are with five-chamber profiles and energy saving glasses produced by SCHUCO. Every room has at least one window with a bi-planar opening.
Apartment doors are armoured, interior doors are MDF with a laminated cover all product of SOLID. Garage doors are UP-AND-OVER type of HOERMANN.
The common parts of the building are with granite floors. Parapets are aluminum. Balcony parapets are a combination of aluminum, glass and brick.
Elevators are electro-mechanical for six people, product of MP, Spain. They became our choice because of the benefit of their silent systems.
The pipes for the heating system are WAVIN. In all apartments radiators are installed. The building’s heating system and own user station are connected to Sofia Heating Plants Corporation.
Own kiosk switchgear was built.

We worked on:

CONCEPT and 3D modelling;
DESIGN development drawings and permits;
SUPERVISION of construction works.

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