Mall trade center architectural design

Retail center – MALL in Stock Bazaar Ilientsi – S.B.I.

Project: 2005-2009 | Фаза: In operation | TBA: 46650m2

Reconstruction and change of purpose of a mechanized warehouse in commercial areas, Warehouse zone “Iliyantsi – Vrabnitsa”, Sofia

Reconstruction, construction of a new floor structure, replacement of the facade and change of purpose of the “MALL” retail shopping center with Carrefour grocery stores, a hardware store from Technomarket, industrial goods stores, restaurants and an entertainment center.

The building is located in “Iliyantsi Stock Market”. The volume of the existing building has been preserved in its current framework.

The main intervention in the existing volume of the hall is a new floor structure, which divides the existing 12m height of the space into two 6m high levels. Two visitor entrances from the eastern facade to the new shopping areas are designed. They occupy 6-meter sections of the facade, didided by the existing structure span. In the north-eastern part of the building are two existing shops, which are preserved. Their facades are being reconstructed in the new vision of the exterior. The entire length of the eastern facade is divided into smaller shops with a frontage of 6m. and a depth of 12m. The existing entrance for the administrative part of the building and an entrance for loading and unloading activities are preserved.

Technomarket store occupies a major part of the area on the ground level. It contains a commercial area, an administrative room, cash registers and a service area with security, technical rooms and a warehouse. The north facade contains an existing exit from the administrative part located on the second level and 3 new shops. They are covered by an existing steel structure suspended canopy which is being retained and refurbished. Next to the shops is the service part of the store for white and black appliances. This is where the staff entrance and shopping center loading entrance is. The reconstructed part of this facade ends with a loading-unloading entrance serving the second level of the building, consisting of freight elevators, security and a stairwell.

Retail commercial areas are designed on the ground level of the building, organized along pedestrian walkways of MALL type. In the low body of the building the construction of a second level is also planned. Newe steel stairs are designed in the shops on the eastern facade to own warehouses on the second shop levels. A major part of the area on the second level is allocated for warehouses of “Ilientsi Stock Market”. Communication units with two elevators and a stairwell are provided at the necessary distances. Separate stairs are also provided to cover reach and flow requirements in case of evacuation.

On the second level are the service rooms for Technomarket store and the required storage areas.

The structure of the building is prefabricated reinforced concrete. The new floor constructions are made of steel, covered with sheet metal and concrete slab. The existing enclosing walls are composed of reinforced concrete panels. The interior partition walls at ground level, which are being removed, are non-load-bearing made of brick. The roof is made of reinforced concrete “2-T” panels.

As the new floor structures in the building are steel, a number of fire protection measures have been taken. the existing sprinkler system is adapted to the new premises at the upper level. A new fire sprinkler system is designed for the ground level. Fire and voice alarm systems are planned. HVAC system is designed form scratch.

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